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Keeping corruption afloat = Fascism

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The following quote is from Avnery and is on Liberman (used in an earlier post). I am afraid it applies to almost all Israelis. Imposed from a religious belief in ‘chosen’ ancestry.

All patriotic Israelis are yesmen and yeswomen, often sent overseas to accomplish missions. And all their overseas supporters offering assistance.

It is now a Fascist empire. Ruled by those that expect everyone to buckle under, fly ten thousand miles, and battle the natives.

Meantime the bottom is falling out of the bucket. World opinion will eventually arrive at anti semitism, kind of self fulfulling prophecy. Thanks to all the hatchet men, killing, stealing and f*cking people over.

Left or right it no longer matters. Just blind patriotism to the state, the religion, a superior, an entire race that cannot discern.

He has only contempt for democracy, both in the country and in his own party, which consists of yesmen and yeswomen devoid of any identity of their own. Like similar parties in the past, it is based on a cult of (his) personality, the worship of brute force, contempt for democracy and disdain for the judicial system. In other countries this is called fascism


Holocaust denial is becoming rampant, no links here, but plenty of essays documents and videos on the internet.

It is now nothing but a criminal syndicate requiring increasing theft….

And if you don’t like my flavour, then I ask why everything from me is taken by the jewish gestapo

Written by morris

February 22, 2009 at 4:01 am

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