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Israel lobbyists and agents of influence in UK – repost

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Reposting from Feb 9th, when this was posted on this blog.

It just seems to say everything. How the entire war on terror (Iraq Afghanistan, Gaza, Lebanon etc) is entirely intertwined with Israel. How Jews and gentiles are totally under the control of the Neocon movement in our own countries, even if we have Labour banners (Barak, Blair and Obama).

This post is made not as anti Israeli per se, but as anti Israeli as Imperialist

The Israel lobby has now achieved a dangerous numerical advantage at the heart of Britain’s security establishment thanks to the appointment of Kim Howells, formerly minister in charge of Middle East affairs and a one-time chairman of Labour Friends of Israel, to the chair of the Intelligence and Security Committee.

This committee has oversight of the Security Service (MI5), the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and the work of the Joint Intelligence Committee and the Intelligence and Security Secretariat, which includes the Assessment Staff in the Cabinet Office. The committee also takes evidence from the Defence Intelligence Staff (DIS), part of the Ministry of Defence.

The nine members of the committee are:

  • Dr Kim Howells MP (Chair)
  • Michael Ancram MP
  • Sir Alan Beith MP
  • Mr Ben Chapman MP
  • Lord Foulkes of Cumnock
  • George Howarth MP
  • Michael Mates MP
  • Richard Ottaway MP
  • Ms Dari Taylor MP

These people have access to highly classified material. So who are they and why should we trust them? Sir Alan Beith, for example, presides over the Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel, whose aims and objectives are: –more–

HatTip: whatreallyhappened

Full document here:



Written by morris

February 22, 2009 at 11:18 pm

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