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The invisible international syndicate

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Overnight a change in perception.

Bankers became Banksters.

Israel became Apartheid

Wall street as terrorists.

Still no big changes about the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan. Maybe that is next.

As the world economy goes down, what is the reason, where is zionism in it all? And the cost of the wars?

Miscen in Hebrew means poor, but not poor materially, poor in spirit. it’s the dogmatism, ritual, fundamentalism that is dragging everything down. No longer capable of absorbing new concepts. Is Judaica going bankrupt? Was the philosophy so malfunctioned? And whither it goes?

Criminal syndicate racially based?

Like a lone sailor on the high seas the media keep locked up with capitalistic speculative parameters.

At the very very root of it all is ethnocentrism. For sure all races cozy up to themselves. But this is more sinister due to the obscuring of the ‘chosen’ mentality. And being judged according to who the parents were.

And the consequent collective punishment. Always beating the stick of revenge. Look at Iran and Cuba – punished for decades! Individuals too! And like we saw in Gaza it is the weak the estranged, the isolated that get hurt.

A relentless barrage resulting in tragedy.

And why should those in power stop? They can’t cope with any alternative.

The result will be like smokingmirrors.blogspot.com recently said: ‘ A worldwide revolution’. And those Jews who have not been popped off or taken care of will join in.

There is so much resentment among the jews as well. All the ones with a conscience who never wanted to do wrong, but were usurped in their instinctive tribal pride, usurped into the pyramid, into deceiving, or doing wrong.

For now crime in control is all we have, and character assassination for non players. And if you want to talk to another race, make sure it is criminal.

Written by morris

February 21, 2009 at 12:55 am

Posted in crime, israel, Jews, Mafia, Zionism

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