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Jewish Pigs in Jayyous – Jews sans Frontieres

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It is not immediately clear what the operation is, later in the comments there is some guide to the explanation and more videos of the events.

Israeli military terrorizes civilians in Jayyous

13 February 2009

The Israeli military has been escalating military operations in Jayyous throughout the last weeks, in an attempt to break any kind of resistance, be it against the further confiscating of village land and freedom of movement or be it a family resisting their houses being turned into military outposts.

It all brings to mind the ‘Gestapo’ – not that I know history or what the Gestapo did. But I know the entire Israeli ruling class is beyond the pale. Administrative, Military, uniformed and secret police. They will kill Jews too (to look natural or as an accident), they will steal peoples identity, there is simply nothing an Israeli charged with security will not do, and that includes their sympathisers. The Americans, British, French and Russian friends of Israel.

It can only be a sad ending, until then the poor and unfortunate suffer….

And these youngsters in uniform in the video they grow older and they get offered better pay and they get to hurt more people, that is certain, they are already trained to hurt the defenseless, they continue out of uniform … Or what do you think they could possibly do?



Written by morris

February 21, 2009 at 10:16 pm

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