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Giving up the pyramid

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The empire is crumbling from too much control

The media, the congress, the UN, the banks, all controlled by the same few.

Giving up control is inevitable. But this is the talk of p*ssing in the wind. The Neocons even made a last ditch effort in Gaza before the Admin changed. Thinking they could get away with another war.

And that is all they know. Everything for eight years that they wanted they got. Wars and the rich getting richer. And continuous holocaust movies.

Still they will try more, till there is a lot of smoke – literally. Empires give up willingly. When will the jews relinquish willingly?

Give up finance, Media, wars and Monsanto. Give up dominating? It’s only a matter of time, and how many have to die and suffer first.

And all that dirty money flowing into Israel, the Madoff and Adelson type money, all its doing is creating a far right, a confrontation.

The sooner the power is given up, the less anti semitism there will be, cause it is certainly on the rise.

Written by morris

February 21, 2009 at 2:10 am

Posted in israel, Jews, Mafia

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