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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Robert Fisk: Obama was unconvinced by Bibi’s desire for peace

Barack Obama, they say, did not get on well with Bibi Netanyahu when he met him in Jerusalem before the American elections.

Mr Obama, who figured out the Middle East pretty quickly, apparently found Bibi arrogant and unconvincing in his professed desire for peace with the Palestinians. What Mr Netanyahu thought of Mr Obama is not known, but he could scarcely have tried to hide his election line: security for Israel, but no Palestinian state.


Mr Netanyahu, it should be remembered, said the Gaza war ended too soon. So are we waiting for Part Two? Or the next round in Israel’s war with the Hizbollah? Israelis must sometimes curse the proportional electoral system that brings them the most ungovernable government coalitions. But the Americans will find it hard to dress up a new Netanyahu government as further “progress” in the Middle East “peace process”. –more–


Gideon Levy once a deputy editor at Haaretz conveniently forgets about Israeli / Neocon influence in the US, nevermind he is saying Bibi doesn’t want a right wing government, he doesn’t want Lieberman in it, in other words he does not want what his political platform advocated…

The notion that Israel has sought the US’ permission before it launches attacks is to deviate the truth. Israel’s friends and dual citizens in Washington go along with it in true dog and tail fashion: that is closer to the truth.

Last update – 23:23 19/02/2009

Netanyahu, put your money where your mouth is

By Gideon Levy

Why isn’t Benjamin Netanyahu setting up a right-wing government? Why isn’t he carrying out the voters’ will to position the right wing in power? Why isn’t he taking the opportunity that fell into his hands to form a government in tune with his doctrine?

Why is he talking about a broad coalition, knowing it would force him to compromise his principles? Because he is afraid. Now, at the moment of truth, when he has the ability to implement his ideology, he has gotten cold feet and wants to dilute his government with components that are alien to his doctrine. […]
So go for the economic peace, Netanyahu, the right-wing government will applaud you. A broad coalition may, however, demand more.

Bomb Iran, Netanyahu, because sanctions aren’t enough for you, you don’t believe in diplomatic negotiations with Iran and you pledged that you, Mr. Iran, would prevent Tehran from obtaining nuclear arms at any cost. Let’s see you get Barack Obama’s permission for the most dangerous escapade of all. Bombard and let’s see what happens.

A broad government could stop your quirks, so why go there? This is the most crucial issue on your agenda. Topple Hamas’ rule in Gaza, as you promised. Release Gilad Shalit without freeing murderers, as you wrote in your book about terror. Go forth on your way.

In your speech at the last session of the 17th Knesset you outlined this way: Any territory released from the IDF’s control would be occupied by Hamas, so don’t evacuate a single dunam, you said. Explain that to Obama and Mahmoud Abbas. Tell them you won’t ever negotiate over Jerusalem. That the Jordan Valley and Judean Desert will remain in our hands for eternity. Ya’akov Katz (National Union) will cheer you on, Moshe Ya’alon will salute you. A broad coalition, however, could demand something else.

Offer the Syrians peace for peace. After all, you wouldn’t uproot the tender sapling you planted in the Golan just last week, on Tu Bishvat. You wouldn’t renege on your statement, “Gamla will not fall again.”

Build more and more settlements – there is plenty of “state-owned land” and private land to usurp. Then annex the territories. There is no reason not to apply Israeli law to territories that will remain forever in our hands. Annex and annex, from Jenin to Hebron, distribute Israeli identity cards to the residents and, hey, on to the next Knesset elections with two million new voters.

Perhaps America will finally tell you, annex or evacuate, and you will have to decide. Try selling Obama this political merchandise, and we’ll see how he reacts. And let’s see how you react if he says no. Why not ask his administration for more and more weapons, more economic aid, more diplomatic support and still stand on your principles. Let’s watch you in action, Netanyahu.

But the truth is, Netanyahu knows that this would be a horrific sight. He wants Kadima and Labor in his government to hold him back, to prevent him from carrying out his doctrine. This is exactly why they must not join his coalition. Render unto Netanyahu the things that are Netanyahu’s. Let’s see how it ends up working out for him. And for us.   –more–

Written by morris

February 21, 2009 at 11:07 pm

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