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FlashBack Jordanian AlQaeda attack 11/10/2005

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How did suicide Bombers detonating themselves create the damage FROM the ceilings?




Blasts Wreck Jordan’s Image of Calm

Al-Qaida has claimed responsibility for three synchronized bomb blasts at international luxury hotels in the Jordanian capital Amman, killing at least 57 and injured hundreds on Wednesday night. Elsewhere, Tony Blair suffers a legislative setback in his war on terror and George Bush proclaims World Freedom Day.

Police said they suspect the attacks in Amman were the work of suicide bombers. A statement posted on a website frequently used by Islamic extremists claimed “a group of lions of al-Qaida ” carried out the attack. Its authenticity could not immediately be verified. Earlier, authorities had identified the Jordanian-born leader of al-Qaida operations in neighboring Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, as the main suspect.

The hotels – the Grand Hyatt, Radisson SAS and Days Inn – are popular among Western diplomats and business people but most of the victims were Jordanian. The biggest explosion occurred in a festival hall of the Radisson at 9 p.m. local time during a wedding reception for 250 people. The BBC, whose correspondent Caroline Hawley was staying at the Hyatt, reported that the bride and groom each lost a parent and were themselves injured. “I lost my father and my father-in-law on my wedding night,” the BBC quoted the groom, Ashraf al Khaled, as saying. “The world has to know that this has nothing to do with Islam.”



Head of Palestinian Intelligence dies in Attacks

Three high-ranking Palestinian intelligence officials including Maj.-Gen. Bashir Nafeh, head of the Palestinian Authority’s military intelligence and Col. Abed Allun, a high-ranking Preventive Security forces official, who were staying at the Hyatt Hotel were also killed in the blast. . —more–


Update[November 10, 1:31AM]: Eye witness on Al-Jazeera says that suicide bomber was speaking in an Iraqi accent.

Update[November 10, 12:29 AM]: There are conflicting reports on the matter of casualities; Al Arabaya reports 67 fatalities and over 150 deaths.

Update[November 9, 11:50 PM]: Jordan announces three days of mourning.

Update[November 9, 11:27 PM]: According to Al-Jazeera, casualities have reached 53 deaths and 300 injuries.



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February 19, 2009 at 4:38 pm

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