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No need to mention names.

Some years ago there was a popular economically thriving bohemian square with various shops and food places. It also had some arcane cultural amusements that did not generate income.

Then a place central in the square was taken over and it was (seemingly intentionally) run down, the nature of the produce and the ambience was contrary to what had developed in the square. This no doubt devalued the worth of the places.

A socialist council had previously provided grants for artisanic endevours. Now many years later developers have taken over, everything is clean and expensive.

Isn’t this an example of capitalism at work? Devalue a place in order to develop it. And with it a community was smashed.

The world over people are complaining about development. Capitalism still rules. Speculators have become lobby groups, politician’s financiers and virtual social engineers.

Written by morris

February 16, 2009 at 1:59 pm

Posted in Capitalism, socialism

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