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Has the Lucrative Defense Ministry corrupted??

Israeli Labor gripped by infighting Sun, 15 Feb 2009 14:15:04 GMT
Peretz concluded that Labor’s institutions should be convened as soon as possible to decide that the party would not join any new government, even if it were led by Kadima.

“We need to take two steps: Set a timetable for choosing a chairman and form an interim leadership team to start the process of rehabilitating the party. Barak certainly cannot do that alone,” he added.

Ehud Barak is called to leave the Labor party leadership after the poor results he achieved.
Israel’s former Labor leader has threatened to oust his successor Ehud Barak, should he refuse to step down as the party’s chairman.

Member of Knesset (Israeli parliament), Amir Peretz — who led the Labor party during Israel’s previous elections in 2006 — said Defense Minister Ehud Barak needs to resign from his position as Labor chairman, following the party’s poor performance in the elections.

“When I led the party in 2006, if I would have gotten 13 seats, I would have quit immediately,” Peretz told The Jerusalem Post. […]


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