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We can only wonder what the true agenda is.

With a focus on Israel, the right of return for refugees seems to be a major obstacle. So much so it is seldom mentioned.

And with all the money at the disposal of World Jewry it seems strange that the Palestinians seem to be kept in a permanently deprived state.

Doesn’t logic suggest compensation and some admission of guilt would be helpful. that is: Helpful to the Jews! But the lack of truth merely substantiates the accusation of hidden agenda camoflauged myth. There are anyway fragmented admissions of guilt already; Barak said if he were a Palestinian he would have become part of the resistance, Olmert has said the Palestinians have suffered unduly.

Or is the real agenda so utterly depraved that it can only be sustained with myths? Yes.

And all the while we say thankfully we are not Palestinians. But powerful people don’t confine their punishments and myths, they re being meted out to all.

Milosevic of Serbia defied world opinion. Isn’t Israel Going the same way? Apparently Serbia fought hard against the Nazis in the 2nd WW. Not that I have feelings for Serbian Nationalism, am just trying to understand our rulers agenda. Loyalty and memory don’t have to coincide.

We are all being kept in the dark. The most ardent Israeli Nationalists would probably be in shock to discover all the values they are truly fighting for.

It is NWO stuff, with a sociological, gender and economic agenda.

And I’d be afraid to list the controversial parts, the real reasons we must keep waging wars.

Somehow world public opinion is rapidly moving towards a one state solution. Till now the Israelis have been oblivious to anyones opinion …

Written by morris

February 15, 2009 at 11:15 pm

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