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Mullah Valentine – Layla Anwar

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Anwar has a Valentines message, she is an Iraqi woman, and according to me of Nobel standard, so maybe a disservice could be done by the excerpt I have chosen. Today she is fighting for Iraqi women seemingly against the Mullahs, but tomorrow I don’t know who it will be. Normally there are a lot of comments, but they seem to be off today.

. mullahvalentino […] Some of you are already wondering, why has St.Valentino been re-baptized as Mullah Valentine ?! Don’t dig too deep, it’s only for culturally sensitive reasons…Trying to turn Love,“halal”, I suppose. You see, our Mullah Valentine, is a terribly jealous, frustrated, envious, capricious, sexually obsessed, fearful, hater of women, issuer of Fatwas. You never know when he will come up with a new decree banning this or the other. And, being an Arab woman, I have to walk on egg shells around Mullah Valentine. As we say in Iraqi “gesher bossal”. A sentence used when someone’s ego is too fragile and you need to tread carefully…we say “kho moo gesher bossal !?”.Gesher bossal means the skin of an onion. In other words, the Mullah’s ego is too sensitive to things pertaining to romance, love and the rest…So on Valentine’s day, you really need to tone it down, in particular the sensual parts…before he strikes you with a fatwa that may cost you your life. His arsenals of weapons are the following: Censorship, coercion, forced domestication, silencing, control, torture, mutilation, rape, and killing. You must have guessed it by now, Mullah Valentine does not love women too much. Or maybe he does and this drives him insane… –more–

. These are two of Anwar’s Blogs (She might have another one?) http://uncensoredarabwomanblues.blogspot.com/ http://arabwomanblues.blogspot.com/ . Typing Layla Anwar into Google images brings up over 8,000 images – none of them are of her

This is the beginning excerpt of her other blog:

February 12, 2009

American Democracy & the Art of Torture.

As I have mentioned before, I have been watching quite a bit of TV lately, unlike my usual self. A program (on al-Jazeera, Arabic) I try not to miss at all, is Sami Al-Haj’s detailed ordeal in Guantanamo. It is on every Tuesday. I missed part I but did manage to watch part II and III and I strongly urge anyone who understands Arabic, to watch it too. The program consists of a series of live interviews with Sami and how his nightmarish odyssey into the underworld of American democracy begun. Briefly, he was arrested and detained in Kabul, then moved and detained in Kandahar, then flown to Guantanamo. Prisoner 345, 7 years of his life gone in the dungeons of American democracy. He survived it to testify. It served a purpose, I guess. But at what price !? –more–

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