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For Israel to continue in anything like its current state, with occupation and internal racist policies then it has to continue arresting (abducting) Palestinians and killing them too.

Sooner or later a Muslim army will rise that can challenge Israel. What a shame there has to be more killing first. Before Israel accepts either a 1 or 2 state solution.

We now have to wait and watch Bibi, Livni, Barak and Lieberman in any combination go to war again. There is no alternative. Lest Abbas is considered a solution.

And the frail world economy could easily experience a 24 hour run where it just nosedives. And the Afghan and Iraqi wars continue to drain the West of money and morality.

What an inertia. A NeoCon inertia. Just more and more of the same.

All the while jews are scratching their heads as the settlements grow. Whatever cacoon Israel is in, it is out of sync with the contemporary world.

Israel has conquered the isolated, and Egypt and Jordan. That doesn’t make a peace, especially when there is no economy. And what could replace Judaic control? Something very doctrinaire and mob like, maybe Nazi or Stalin like.

The best alternative would be to stop the wars that are crippling everything.

Most Jews and Israelis know Islam is undesirable.

Apart from the ‘Jihadist’ label, no reason is given.

I don’t have the courage to list all the reasons, but here are some:

No Alcohol, Speculation or Homosexuality.

Written by morris

February 13, 2009 at 9:37 am

Posted in islam, israel, Racism

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