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UN chief backs Turkish PM over Davos row, expresses sadness

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U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon told Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan Monday that the unfair conduct of the moderator prevented the Turkish leader from expressing his views in the Gaza session in Davos. (UPDATED)



“You were not allowed to express yourself due to unjust and unfair conduct of the moderator in Davos,” the U.N. Secretary General, who also attended last week’s session, was quoted by Anatolian Agency as telling Erdogan in a phone conversation.

“As you know, the Middle East is going through a tough period. This region needs your leadership and mediation,” Ban said.

Ban also told Erdogan he was saddened by what took place at a panel discussion in Davos last week, adding he has full confidence in Erdogan’s leadership.   –more–

The same paper has two other articles:

Top religion official steps in to soothe concerns of Turkish Jews

Turkey’s Jews ask for equal democratic rights

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