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There is a phenomena called jewish identity

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In youth and possibly longer one can revel in representing this collective drive.

But it is a one way street, all for one – one for all. So here we are at loggerheads. Mostly one settles into a hierarchy, within the confines of ordained parameters.

Pride in one’s heritage is not unusual. Yet there is a dilemma developing. The direction cannot always allow for universal obedience and participation.

Nevertheless the guards insure no walking away. It is a weight around the neck, a cult and a sect. And the need to exclaim jewishness is evident in the media and in laws. Imagine what happens behind the scenes.

So one of millions everyone is left to consider little else. Yet there is much else. But these days only the confines of examining jewishness are permitted. All justice is summary.

And it can make animalism, polytheism and paganism look attractive.

Written by morris

February 10, 2009 at 5:27 pm

Posted in Jewish, jewish mafia, Judaica, judaism

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