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When authority became thieves

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It feels like all the theives are on the right, all nationalistic.

The respectable bankers became banksters.

Why does patriotism now have to mean conquer and steal.  It is a path that can only get stronger, more apparent, more exclusive.

I am reprinting a comment from the Jewish Blog Mondoweiss (without permission) and I think the commenter is jewish, this is the commenters blog

It says it all, and I am afraid the right are also after me and what ever is mine.

The comment:

This is all just completely worthless sunday supplement rubbish, Phil. Nothing you do will serve any purpose at all (except liberal cosmetics) unless you face the fundamental fact, which is that the Israeli Jewish elite, in conjunction with the wealthier and more powerful segments of diaspora Jewry, and especially the well-placed US Jewush elite, is attempting to orchestrate a global fascist putsch, and simultaneously squeezing the USA dry by means of financial frauds, preparatory to throwing it away when it runs out of tradeable assets.

Written by morris

February 9, 2009 at 1:46 pm

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