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We Are NOT The United States Of Israel: Obama

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February 2, 2009

“We Are NOT The United States Of Israel”, An Angry Obama Tells Chinese Leader

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A most interesting report released by Russian Foreign Ministry Officials on the talks held Friday between President Obama and Chinese Leader Hu Jintao over the growing Global economic crisis state that when queried by Hu about the Americans UN response to war crimes charges being leveled against Israel the American President ‘angrily’ replied, “make no mistake about this, we are not the United States of Israel, we are the United States of America”.

Following this unprecedented statement by President Obama against America’s longtime Middle Eastern ally Israel, he ordered the United States top envoy to United Nations to ‘put his words into action’, and which, according to the latest news sources, is exactly what the new US Ambassador to the UN did in her debut speech before the International body, and as we can read as reported by Israel’s Haaretz News Service:

“Israel must investigate allegations that its army violated international law during its three-week war against Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip, the new U.S. envoy to the United Nations said on Thursday.

“We expect Israel will meet its international obligations to investigate and we also call upon all members of the international community to refrain from politicizing these important issues,” Ambassador Susan Rice said in her debut speech before the UN Security Council.


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