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International jews against Zionism meeting 04 Feb 09 London

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There was a non publicised IJAN meeting for activists, it lasted about an hour. And the small audience (maybe 25 people) consisted of solidarity groups and individuals from palestinian and all ethnic backgrounds.

There were two speakers: Moshe a co-founder of the Israeli Socialist Party who now lives in London.

Sarah who has been an activist for many years for different causes, she is now dedicating herself to anti-zionism. She lives in Berekely and is an articulate speaker with a well presented Power Point production (see photos later) detailing IJANs policies.

IJAN does not propose any solutions. That is for the people who live in the Middle East. But it is a pro active campaign group for dismantling apartheid zionism.

These sound recordings were made at a distance with a telephone, so they are not professional quality, but they can be understood.

(Adobe Flash required to see the player for the sound)

Sarah’s Speech


Moshe’s speech:


IJAN’s web site: http://www.ijsn.net/262/












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