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Israelis patriotism and nationalism is second to none

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Israelis patriotism and nationalism is second to none. It is their purpose of being. Maybe the crusaders had a similar drive, the British when they were conquering and perhaps many nations who are under invasion. Becoming so-called insurgents.

The point of this post is: ‘are they doing their country any good?’. When every action is pivoted on how does it help Israel or the Jews. It really is an extreme position.

In such a system promotion goes to those displaying the most nationalism. So whatever they donate too or work towards is Jewish, for Jews and Judaism. Hence the insular and non assimilationist  nature. No money goes to Jews and Arabs living together. Nor to Jews cohabiting with other races. It is simply separateness and domination.

Why the apartheid ‘word’? Who is perpetuating it? Does it cause hubris? Will it lead to Israel losing a war?

There’s no talking to these people. And it seems they are so intoxicated with their pride that they simply have no idea what their enemies are doing. Not a good recipe except for suffering, first others and then the blowback.

Meanwhile jobs are available selling weapons, undermining Muslims and financing tribal politics. And that’s it.

Written by morris

February 4, 2009 at 12:32 pm

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