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NATO seeks Iran supply route for Afghanistan? Russian ploy?

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What a Chess Game.

NATO in Afghanistan cannot get a reliable overland supply route.

One day claiming Russian permission from the North, only to find the Russians denying this.

Now NATO is showing a possible welcome to Iran. Iran is not a  friend of the Taliban. But my enemy’s enemy should be my friend, I thought.

Is Russia pushing NATO to be dependent on Iran as a supply route? Nothing could upset the international apple cart more.

Perhaps Tehran would be happy to see the Taliban and NATO grind each other to exhaustion, and basque in security. If I were in Tel Aviv, London or New York, I’d get out of Afghanistan. When there is no ideology it is a losing slippery slope, exposed to leeching.

And where would this leave Israel? Out in the dark barking about imagined Iranian Nuclear weapons. Worse than that is; maybe that is already the situation, for NATO to be publicising such a scenario.



NATO seeks Iran help over Afghanistan
Tue, 03 Feb 2009 13:12:18 GMT

General John Craddock

NATO says member states can use Iran as a safe supply path to forces in Afghanistan, amid increasing attacks on its routes through Pakistan.

“NATO is looking at flexible, alternate routing. I think that is healthy,” top NATO military commander Gen. John Craddock said, in response to a question about using Iranian territory for supply.

“Options are a good thing, choices are a good thing, flexibility in military operations is essential…What nations will do is up to them,” he added.

Craddock’s comments came as Pakistani militants blew up a bridge in northern parts of the country, cutting off the Khyber Pass, a key NATO route where up to 75% of the coalition’s supplies cross over to Afghanistan.

Last week, the chief of NATO chief Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said West could only win the war in Afghanistan if it engages with all the countries neighboring Afghanistan, including Iran.–more–


Also see very authentic Videos!:

Video: Interview with Taliban commander. British intel say war in Afghanistan unwinnable. Pres. Afghan says stop bombing!


Video: Taliban (NOT mature) a lot of action, 7 Mins. has watermark. Had to edit out the ‘mature’ parts

Written by morris

February 3, 2009 at 10:02 pm

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