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I get a shocking email from a member of my extended family – Mondoweiss

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The other day a member of my extended family sent out the email at the bottom of this post to every other member of the family: “It’s our land, by Benjamin Netanyahu.”
I was shocked. I sent a note back on the spot to all the other members of the family saying I had traced my genetics to Kazakhstan so I wanted to move back there, but I needed numbers. […]


….The neocon interventionists of the last 15 years represent strong parochial, ethnocentric Zionist attitudes inside the American Jewish community. That’s why when the neocons plotted the Iraq war and lo and behold it came to pass (thru a variety of circumstances) the liberal Jewish community never really turned on them. They blamed Bush. That was the single-gunman theory of the Iraq war.

Long before Iraq and Gaza exposed the vicious character of parochialism in my own community, I was uncomfortable with these attitudes inside the Jewish community. They played a part in my marrying out. After the Holocaust, we were all implicated in the question, Is it good for the Jews? I understand how it happened; but the consequences were tragic. Norman Mailer was eloquent on this theme: Hitler’s bitterest posthumous achievement was to flood Jewish life with “cheap religious patriotism” and the sole concern, Is it good for the Jews?  –more–

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February 3, 2009 at 10:30 pm

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