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Haaretz insightful and scathing article on Israeli attitudes

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Below are excerpts. But most importantly, these ‘divorced from reality’ attitudes extend far beyond the Arabs. They are everpresent for dissidents, free thinkers, and anyone wishing to view the world rationally. These attitudes manifest worldwide far far away from Israel and the Palestinians. The rules are steal from anyone for Israel, & I think I have just been a victim.

Leaving the question, ‘What has been given birth too?’ A nation of hubris and wanton acts.

[In a] study, conducted by … one of the world’s leading political psychologists, …

Israeli Jews’ consciousness is characterized by a sense of victimization, a siege mentality, blind patriotism, belligerence, self-righteousness, dehumanization of the Palestinians and insensitivity to their suffering. …

…widespread support for the official memory testifies to a lower level of critical thinking, as well as belief in traditional values, high identification with Jewish identity, a tendency to delegitimize the Arabs, and support for taking aggressive steps against the Palestinians. …

Israeli awareness … relies primarily on prolonged indoctrination that is based on ignorance and even nurtures it. …. with the exception of a small minority, … the general public is not interested in knowing what Israel did in Gaza for many years; … and whether it was possible to extend the recent cease-fire or even who violated it….

the public practices self-censorship and accepts the establishment version, … they don’t want to be confused with the facts. We are a nation that lives in …chronic closed-mindedness,” … [with] the willing enlistment of the media.


Israelis & their Neocon backers are a law unto themselves. And I for one am on the wrong side of their zio nationalism, therefore fair prey to theft & all manner of skulduggery.

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February 3, 2009 at 8:24 pm

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