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Being poor makes the end seem more tangible

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Jewish PM Judd says it’s the end of free market capitalism. One or two posts before this.

Scouring the news, Food prices and unemployment up, bankrupt insurance companies, and talk of more war.

We plebs sit back and realize there’s nothing to do.

Gotta stay alive and find a smile. Living on Oats is pretty cheap. How come the staunchest are the most nationalistic?

The wars, nationalism, Financial institutions are all the same. Can’t judaism reform itself? Or is it unrelated? Or is it simply a financial goal dressed in ancestor worship.

Either there is a war to stop all protests, or the system collapses. Our milieu is like petrol looking for a spark.

And all the while the powerful sell the same wares. Communism, Islam, Protectionism are all philosophies to consider borrowing from.

For us in the west there is no possibility of arising from the crash. Everything has been outsourced, and we have grown couched in inertia. It was our inventiveness that made the new philosophies: Democracy, Republics, Globalisation, Communism, Industrialisation, Free Markets.

Now never a new idea can surface.

Written by morris

February 2, 2009 at 1:13 am

Posted in Meltdown

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