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Israel US agreement to stop Hamas re-arming stillborn

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Debka is a beacon for those wishing to further Israel’s interests.

Here it reports that America did not seize an Iranian ship carrying arms for Hamas.

Why would America backdown from confrontation with Iran? Iran can activate its proxies in Afghanistan and Iraq at any time. Presumably this is the only sway Iran has.

Regarding the Israeli American agreement both Egypt and Turkey have refused to participate. It all feels like the death throws of Neocon thinking. And all on the back of an hemorrhaging and overextended US military.

And the three leaders of Israel after the elections don’t know it. How dangerous, they are still in a time warp.

Regarding Cypriot reluctance to seize the weapons, perhaps it is more than Iranian pressure, maybe Syrian, Turkish and Greek too.

Jan 31, 09, 11:12 PM

Israel informed Washington, Cairo and Nicosia that surface missiles bound for Hamas are concealed in the steel holds of the Cypriot-flagged Iran Hedayt which the US intercepted but did not stop in the Red Sea last week.

DEBKA … report[s] that after neither the US nor Egypt laid hands on the cargo when they had the chance, Cyprus finds itself stuck with hard choices: the US and Israel are pressing Nicosia not to let the ship go without a further search for fear Israel will seize it and precipitate an armed clash with Iran…..

After Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen said on Jan. 28 that the US Navy had no authority to seize the weapons aboard the Iranian vessel “The US did as much as we could

… Jerusalem counted on the Livni-Rice memorandum of understanding for a joint effort to stop Iranian arms smuggling to Hamas kicking in. …


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