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Flashback about Gideon Levy 2003 PBS

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… By contrast, when she [FRONTLINE/World correspondent Patricia Naylor] spoke with Gideon Levy, a prominent Israeli columnist, he offered a searing critique. Levy said that in the last two years of reporting on conflict zones, he’d become “much more afraid of the Israeli soldiers rather than the Palestinians.” As it turned out, Levy had his reasons; in summer 2002 the taxi he was riding in came under a barrage of gunfire from Israeli soldiers. Read about the disputed shooting, and the dispute over the Israeli military’s treatment of reporters.

Gideon Levy

Gideon Levy

Gideon Levy is former deputy editor of the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz and now a columnist and editorial writer for the paper. He is the only Israeli journalist covering the Israeli/Palestinian conflict from inside the Palestinian territories. When interviewed in August 2002, Levy was still reeling from an incident in which he was fired upon by Israeli soldiers. Though the soldiers were reprimanded in the aftermath of the attack, the incident was simply a footnote to a larger, more disturbing problem, Levy argued. “Because it was me, it became a big fuss. Let’s remember the real victims are the Palestinians, and they are being shot like this on a daily basis,” Levy said.


Read edited excerpts from Naylor’s interview with Levy

…Last week I was invited to lecture in one of the most secret and dangerous units of this same army. I do it on a regular basis. And I speak about human rights and the occupied territories. And we found common ground. I tried to deliver the message that Palestinians are also human beings, which is not a message they know because that’s not the way they treat them.

Most Israelis today are sure that the Palestinians were born to kill. That they were born with, you know, this terrible cruelness of suicide bombers. I always ask why do they do it, what brought them to become so cruel. Because they were not born like this, they were born like us, like any other human being. This is today a very unpopular voice in Israel…..


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  1. […] Gideon Levy once a deputy editor at Haaretz conveniently forgets about Israeli / Neocon influence in the US, nevermind he is saying Bibi doesn’t want a right wing government, he doesn’t want Lieberman in it, in other words he does not want what his political platform advocated… […]

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