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Peres the old man of Israel

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Poor old Peres,

Reduced to the likes of everyone else. Doing what they are told.

President Shimon Peres insists Israel is a “democracy” fighting a peresnoble war against “terroristic” Palestinians. –more–

Once he was famous for being with Rabin in shaping an equal one state solution. He is also known for being a crafty politician.

When Rabin was assassinated, he could have called immediate elections and won a landslide victory due to public sympathy. But he said no he would be honourable and wait six months for grieving, then Bibi rose to power.

No one powerful in Israel is saying anything against the Gaza invasion, that it was unnecessary or that it has been waged in a self defeating manner. And the President in Israel does not really have that much power, he could speak out easier than anyone else. But instead he is left to spend whatever goodwill he had by defending Israel’s actions.

Perhaps is loyalty stays with Israel’s labor party and their upcoming elections, where they hope to keep the Defense ministry portfolio.

It is an inglorious position to be in.

Written by morris

January 31, 2009 at 2:53 pm

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