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How many Israelis are sick of it all?

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Not a majority, no where near, maybe 5%. That is a heck of a lot of people. Maybe 350,000. Let’s say 10% of them can no longer stomach doing anything for the state. That is 35,000.

35,000 persecuted people. They said to themselves they were not born to be a servant to imperialism. They are no doubt denied privileges, and probably some rights. Bureaucracy moves slowly and not in their favour.

The letter of the law is applied. And as much as those who serve the state with zest get to cut all corners, so the reverse is true for the resistors. They’ve had Bibi, Sharon and now look forward to another Likud win. The Imperial Israel.

Just as the settlers arrive to all manner of benefits and the local Palestinians find their land and water shrinking, so there is also a divide between the Imperialists and the individualists.

Written by morris

January 31, 2009 at 3:11 pm

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