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Israeli Embassy London takes my British Drivers License

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Not going so easy in London, Had already decided to play my jewish card. But the community isn’t up for helping people.

On the second day here – I went to the bank where I have an inheritance – reputedly large. They have been notified of my Mother’s death, more than a year ago, still I have to provide a death certificate. I explain all I get in Israel is a run around, the lawyer doesn’t answer phone calls or emails. The account Manager, asks me to wait while she talks to her supervisor. She comes back and says she cannot help, they are a bank. And clearly there is no more conversation, as per her supervisors instruct.

I decide to go to the Israeli Embassy. To see if they will get the certificate for me. Security is tight, Armed british police outside, and I am asked to wait across the road where there is also a group of people waiting to be vetted by the Embassy security man.

He duly turns up, IDs everyone, and with me he takes my Passport and asks me to wait. I have a small walking trolley with a backpack tethered to it, and they don’t allow such in. The security man comes back and asks for more ID, he had already seen my Drivers License as well. Now he goes back with my Passport and Drivers License.  I am all the time waiting on a cold street. Maybe 30 minutes so far.

Out comes two different security officers (plain clothes) One is the head of Security at the Embassy, as he later gives me his card, and I confirm verbally. The other is a bodyguard for the ambassador, as while waiting I see the Ambassador leave. They return my passport, I IMMEDIATELY say my drivers license is missing. They apologise and explain they will get it, they enquire further about what I want, and if I am carrying any weapons. I look him in the eyes and make myself clear, I give him the name and number of the lawyer in Israel, who never returns a phone call or email.

And he explains he will enquire and come back with my drivers license. Now I have been on the cold street an hour.

I walk over to the British cops, signalling I’ll be lucky if I walk in and out, or leave with what I arrived with.

The head of security comes out twice more, asks me for my phone number, numerous times, probably spends at least 15 minutes talking. I genuinely don’t have a phone number now. I am out in the cold more than 90 minutes. He gives me his card and 10 Pounds. He also spends a long time talking to one of the British cops on his own. I have no right to say it was about me, but it was a private talk. He told me he will need a couple of days before I should return to ask for the Drivers License. ‘All the staff are searching everywhere for it, turning the tables upside down’, he says. ‘Am I sure I have checked all my pockets’. I told him the second he gave me the passort when he was with the other security guy, my drivers license was missing.

After it is all over and I see he is no longer with the two British police. I return to talk to the British cops. Foolishly I try to be a spy and take photos with my phone camera. Which anyway didn’t work, and they made me erase them. They told me to take their shoulder IDs, which I did. D233     D732. I asked them what they would do in my situation. D233 said if I were YOU I would come back in a couple of days. Or you can report it to your local police station, and he asked me if I would be needing it to drive for the next couple of days. And why should I worry?

I said it could be used for an armed robbery or anything. They thought I was crazy, and the other one: D732 said I’ve already proved I am paranoid.

I have a way of being psychic. On reflection, putting the pieces together, and I volunteered the word ‘robbery’. I had given them the number of the lawyer in Israel, one phone call, and the sleaze sets in. Collect the inheritance with my ID. Israelis already watch me 24/7.

The jewish world is based on fiat money and the fed. Yes there is also other things, but a culture has developed in Israel where one is either for them or against them, and at all times paper money (t any price) moves things.

As a couple of female employees left, I certainly got clocked. I am always a friar for the Israelis. A hebrew word for someone gullible. It is possible to do cleverer things than talk about Israelli security. I did not publish here any names or numbers. But I really feel like my life is in danger anyway. The two day period means using the drivers license as ID tomorrow.

There is simply no way they can lose ID like that. That IS their job. Constantly walking in and out of the embassy with ID.

ps When he was talking to me, I said it was sick, and a lot of people are going to suffer cause of the way they do things, if he wanted to talk to me everyday there are better ways to go about it. Nothing I said resonated with him, except the word ‘suffer’. That is my lot, rather like the Palestinians.

Written by morris

January 29, 2009 at 7:50 pm

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