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Back in rainy england

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No sun and the birds, the size of Seagulls at Stanstead airport are Black.

Fares for everything are so expensive, and the money changers (all one company) are licensed theft.

The WiFi at the airport £3 for 30 minutes (maybe an hour) or £5.25 for 24 hours.

Police with machine guns, not like M16s or AK47s – kind of light plastic with strangely solid areas, bullet proof vests on. The good news, didn’t see a taser.

Dark at 5.00 pm.
In central london there is some free wifi, but the time is limited to 20 minutes with a pricey purchase.

How free am i?

Few people realize the power of surveillance.

The mobile phone is an obvious bug permanently available, normally only if the battery is inserted and the phone is on.

RFIDs, Cameras and microphones as bugs
. GPS.

National security is an obvious reason, but far from the only reason. mafia, industrial esionage, Religious, Private investigators, Mafia and anyone rich or powerful.

In a globalised world leaving one country for another is probably meaningless.

Being out of cell phone reach might assist is privacy.

Ironically doing something illegal, criminal is not likely to push one into such a category. Those that challenge society or invent or any type of pioneer are most likely to feel the consequences which are inevitably a lack of privacy.

Our criminal class is so widespread, and such a huge percentage are involved in it, it makes the mind boggle.

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January 28, 2009 at 10:16 pm

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