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When everything is falling apart what do you do?

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Create a distraction. No! That is why it is falling apart.

No more tricks. divulge the truths. Associate actions with their real intention.

Be clear as to what ends are being sought. Otherwise everyone is floating in unreality. And then seeking fantasy.

Is there some hope for right knowing and right doing? Or must it be confined to the narrowest of concerns?

There are no tricks left. They just delay the inevitable reckoning of truth.

Gotta lose the old guard gracefully, and renurture the subjects. A focus of external threat was just a sublimation. Time to be present in mind and deed.

All that the tricks and ruses bring is pain to the innocent.

How about a little intellect? Otherwise there is only facade for the weak. While the strong get stronger.

Does anyone know why we are fighting in Afghanistan? In Iraq? In Gaza? In Lebanon? In Pakistan? In Georgia?

Obama’s 30,000 surge in Afghanistan:

Costs billions more. Many more American casualties. And loads of innocents killed. Hapless.

We are just killing for money.

Think of the resources to Bomb Pakistan. Whole airport, service staff, military, hardware, petrol: billions. And the choice was Obama or McCain.   Democracy?

Written by morris

January 27, 2009 at 2:06 pm

Posted in israel, Obama

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