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It’s the end when we are out of touch

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A lot of demos and support for the people of Gaza. the demos are grass roots and spontaneous. What about those in semi and powerful positions. Are they going to lend their influence?

How did the Czars become so hopelessly out of touch? An anachronistic fundamentalism is governing every decision.

In the last days of the Raj. That was a film.

In the last days of the Judaic empire there wasn’t room to manouever. Only service to those of the faith was allowed. Any swaying and then being an ambassador was required. That is, championing the pride of one’s origins.

Other countries were expected to do the same. There was the loyal class, and hell, the rest could deviate, drink, and do anything wasteful. Be the Rif Raf.
The end of days are not here

Islam says at the end the Sun will rise and set in opposite directions to now. But how close do we have to go?

Nationalism is fueling ever better arms with the consequent arms race. Dig everything from the earth and throw it in the air and the sea.

Present information in a controlled manner and the truth is the enemy..



Jewish Agency: Anti-Semitic acts in Jan. 2009 triple last year’s records

Last update – 22:04 25/01/2009

A total of 250 anti-Semitic acts around the world were recorded in January 2009, according to a Jewish Agency report released on Sunday. This marks a dramatic leap from the 80 cases recorded during the same time last year.

According to the Agency, Israel’s 22-day offensive on the Gaza Strip most likely prompted the increased animosity  –more–

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