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Is a melting pot a pipedream?

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The Germans feel remorse. The Jews feel pain. The Muslims recall Muhammed.

All about ancestry, the most romantic and nostaligic of human emotions.

All well and good if it does not invoke bloodshed. There is a dividing line.

It is true there are racial divides. And there is oral knowledge that has been passed down through generations.

Feels like half the globe has migrated. Whether we should all be mixed up as we are today I do not know. Maybe it has been too much too soon.

Well before globalisation we had race wars. Most recently due to European colonial borders.

And now the religion is Fiat money. Aren’t we being used and exploited for those cravings of ancestry? Do they not need to be watered down? According to one’s sense of ancestry the powerful use us as tools for their goals. It goes to our head, as if we are seeing the Messiah. There likely is truth in our ancestors observing our actions, but that faint inkling is being misdirected. The jewish identity is premised on ancestry.

If America is a melting pot, why are there dual loyalties? Are they leading us anywhere good? Shouldn’t we find satisfaction with the people where we live?

Written by morris

January 26, 2009 at 4:42 pm

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