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Report: Gaza war reverses drop in anti-Semitism

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What seemed like a good article had to insert, after this excerpt, blame on Arabs for inciting anti semitism. Dear oh Dear, try telling that to the rest of the world. Or have Israelis to be kept in a cocoon of hate.

While 2008 saw decline in anti-Semitic incidents worldwide compared to previous year, Israel’s military operation in Gaza triggered surge in anti-Jewish sentiment. Researchers believe situation will worsen in 2009

Yael Branovsky

Published: 01.25.09, 14:24
The Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip has prompted a sharp increase in the number of anti-Semitic incidents worldwide, after 2008 saw a drop in anti-Jewish sentiments globally.


Western Europe, and mostly France, constituted the focal point for anti-Semitic events; while in the United States anti-Semitism has grown in light of the global financial crisis.


The statistics were revealed in a report published Sunday by the Coordination Forum for Countering Anti-Semitism, a body sponsored by the Jewish Agency, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry for Diaspora Affairs.

Protestors burn Israel flag in Madrid (Photo: Reuters)


The report’s authors estimated that as the outcome of the Gaza operation becomes clearer and with the financial crisis widening, another wave of anti-Semitism should be expected in the coming year.


According to the report, some 250 anti-Semitic incidents have been recoded globally in last January, compared to 80 in the same period last year. The attacks were mostly lead by Muslims, mainly in France, Germany, Belgium, Scandinavia and the United States.


Jewish communities suffered assaults on synagogues and local institutions, as well as vandalism against private houses and businesses.


Numerous rallies were held against Israel in the last month, and these included violent anti-Semitic propaganda and Nazi comparisons.          

Photo courtesy of the Jewish Agency

Graffiti in Zurich Photo courtesy of the Jewish Agency


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