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Israeli Right Set to Win Elections

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Israeli Right Set to Win Elections on Back of War

Polls Show Likud Poised to Form Right-Far Right Coalition

Posted January 23, 2009

Israel’s 22-day war in the Gaza Strip may have saved the Labor Party of Defense Minister Ehud Barak from the indignity of falling to single-digit representation in the Knesset in next month’s elections, but recent polls suggest it has also assured that the next coalition government will have no need of Labor as a partner.

Indeed, the biggest winners in the post-war polls were not the leftist Labor Party but the right wing opposition, who cheered the popular war on and lamented its ending. And while before the Gaza flareup the ruling Kadima Party and the rival Likud Party were virtually neck-and-neck, Likud now seems to be coasting to an easy victory.  –more–


Israeli right set to win elections on back of Gaza war

JERUSALEM (AFP) – Rightwing opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu looks set to profit from Israel’s military assault on the Gaza Strip, stretching his lead in the polls for the February 10 elections.

The Likud party chairman totally opposes an Israeli withdrawal from Arab territories occupied since 1967 and is campaigning on a platform of security for Israelis. […]

The government stands accused of stopping the operation too soon when it could have wiped out Hamas and totally stopped rocket fire on southern Israel. The far-right Israel Beitenou has proved particularly successful with this theme and is rising strongly in the polls.

Yoel Hasson, head of Kadima’s parliamentary group warned Friday: “A Netanyahu victory would bring extremists to power and such a government could only have terrible relations with the United States.”

Yet Netanyahu remains the clear favourite to lead the next government but he would prefer to front a national unity coalition rather than have to rely on far-right parties. –more–

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