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Is not Israel in a crisis?

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It should be, atrocities is all we hear. Yet 95% or more of the media is denying a sense of guilt, of having made a string of errors, over a long period of time.

In everyones gut there must be a sense of something unfavourable cooking. Yet the politicians are concerned for what portfolios their parties will gain. The rest of the powerful are concerned that the nation’s children don’t think they fought in vain, for no reason, for futility.

And the psyche of the Israelis and their backers is: life is more war. So they got the US and some European’s to agree to provide miltary support in fighting the Israeli formed and legally elected Hamas’ rearmament.

Israel is nowhere close to seeing it is at a turning point. Yet it is. It has lost the support of the world and the Diaspora. Even the Vatican has reinstated a holocaust denying Bishop. A very lonely boat. Backed by warmongers only. Financed by the most devious of deeds.

There will be a time when the Newspaper headline is: ‘Crisis’. Now it is damage limitation and win the elections.


Netanyahu hails army as elections near
Sun, 25 Jan 2009 16:26:46 GMT

Netanyahu, who has the lead in pre-election polls, says the military campaign in Gaza ‘humiliated Hamas’ and caused a political rift within the resistance movement.

The likely soon-to-be Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, applauds the “brilliant” performance of the Israeli army in Gaza.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Netanyahu said the war against the Gaza Strip was ‘a clear win’ for Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv launched Operation Cast Lead on December 27 to put an end to rocket attacks against southern Israeli towns. At least 1,330 Palestinians died during the offensive, while some 5,450 others were reported wounded.    –more–

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January 25, 2009 at 6:56 pm

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