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Is it all going to spiral out of control?

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More and more of us are out of work, there is the time to demonstrate.

Many Arab countries arrest the demonstrators, as Israel does.

But in Europe there does not seem to be much official resistance. No doubt what has happened is abhorrent. But that is not enough to explain the outpouring of grief and anger. It is a built up resentment, born from the daily dose of spin that the media has applied.

The years of repression against the Palestinians, the Madoffs, and the war on terror. I know Israel is capable of turning on a dime. It is hand in glove with the powerful in world jewry. And the entire empire could sink.

They can buy time, they can present a peace agreement, but unless there are fundamental changes then an eruption is imminent.

Fundamental changes mean an end to militarism. First and foremost. Then reconsider debt enslavement, speculation, Fiat money and outsourcing.

All ethnocentric viewpoints are history. Yet this is the cornerstone of Jewish thought. There can be a bright future if the priorities are right.

Stop promoting people because of patriotic nationalism! It is a license to kill. And its the innocent who are getting killed. Stop collective punishment, on races and on families!

Of course by changing tack all sorts of mobility will arise. Old stalwarts from a past era will be redundant. New faces will arrive. Remember the 60’s anti vietnam era. An entire cultural revolution blossomed. New writers with new thoughts.

We are simply fighting for Fiat Money, in concert with apartheid. A coalition of religion and bankers.

Written by morris

January 25, 2009 at 9:57 pm

Posted in fiat money, israel, Jews, Meltdown

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