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It sure is a crisis here in Spain. Both personally, and in all the people I see. No money and everything is very cheap.

Where will it end? Probably going to get worse. And the crisis according to the news is everywhere. It should bring us closer together. In the absence of commerce. We will have little to do.

I will try and play my jewish card. I feel half dead here. From the first moment the place was hostile. No fault of Spain, I was trying to run away, and I was pursued.

It’s a tough old life. This has been a low low drop. Beckon the new. Only the old awaits.

The issue of jews and israel. Most jews now wouldn’t want to know about Israel, how did it come to this? And the jews who are for israel are mostly very gungho. They’ve beaten me to a pulp.

I have been wanted in israel since I left 14 years ago. They will win. Friendships are not allowed. Only the jewish cause.

What a time it is. Current events (Gaza) couldn’t have been worse.

I imagine the sea change in consciousness will eventually occur in Israel. Now Israel is going to be shunned internationally more and more. Obama did not pick a zionist as special envoy to the Middle East. We can expect American pressure. On Israel that is a paper tiger. The fear is the Israeli electorate, moved by fear, will first go right.

Written by morris

January 25, 2009 at 12:47 pm

Posted in israel, Meltdown

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