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What can a Jew cling too?

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What makes a good jew?

One who backs the state.

When Rabin was in power promising a one state of equality, I had stayed over two years when it became required to take citizenship. It is actually something that is impossible to give up. If it were a state i could understand I’d be proud to have it.

But it is all about hating Palestinians, Muslims, Iran. It used to be the Soviets, and maybe in the future it could be the US. It is a nation that has been hijacked. Any idea of oneness with muslims is not only Insanity it is treasonous.

In the past Israel has deported jews protesting for peace. It has jailed people for talking peace with the enemy. These old stalwarts, Churchillian and Sharon types are in control. And anyone like me will be beaten to a pulp.

It is creating a nation of blinkered who are hellbent on war.

Israel’s policy towards its neighbours has always based on ‘the fear of Israel’ as the detrrent. Every time Arabs have made gesture of accomodation – Israel has provoked them to become radicals.  source

No doubt I will end up there, i am simply allowed no life what so ever, just a continuous punishment, banished from life, by the international tentacles. Is it any wonder the ferociousness of what has happened?

Is it any wonder most Iranian jews are loyal to Iran?

Hopefully Israel will soul search, hopefully…. It never has so far. That would mean an end to being required to hate.

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January 24, 2009 at 3:54 pm

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