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What will happen to all the Israeli soldiers that fought in Gaza?

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Who saw and did what they would rather forget. And there are countless before them.

Will they proceed to do more? Can they develop what they experienced? Will they be haunted and turn inwards and not communicate, and not share. Will they be prisoners to their secrets? Will they revolt in disgust?

How many israelis are sick of the whole macho demands of the state and its culture? How many are sorry to have been given anti human assignments? Gaza was just an apparent manifestation of what is ongoing.

Why are the people being guided in this manner? It is not genetic. Wouldn’t an adopted child go the same way? These are unfavourable questions, they challenge the hidden string pullers. Perhaps they have been in their positions for generations.

Or maybe there are new players? Monsantos and haliburtons.

It is dangerous to ask such questions. But they will not go away.

Written by morris

January 23, 2009 at 2:12 pm

Posted in Gaza, israel

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