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There is an understanding that the public can be guided to war or peace or to rebel

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After Vietnam, after Gaza

After Vietnam Americans turned away from war. Soldiers took off their uniforms.

But Vietnam only stopped because there was resistance, millions demonstrated, and the media was freer than today.

Now we have the internet. But Israelis probably still flock to the MSM.

In the one big antiwar demo in Tel Aviv on the 3rd of Jan speeches were forbidden.

The current leadership although elected is answerable to all sorts of interests that seem to promote war. That is true for the Anglo Saxon world and for Israel. The warring trinity US, UK & Israel.

Israel’s next war will be a real war where it receives what it gives. Or Israelis will have to turn their backs on where they are being guided.

There is every possibility of blowback from what happened in Gaza. That the Arabs unite, as they did In 73.

By shedding the current leadership through resistance there is hope to avoid more wars. Or by some miracle the politicians can stand up to their hidden masters through resistance.

No doubt there are powerful people that feel they didn’t go far enough in Gaza, and would like more, and are devising plans for more “war on terror”.

And we the people are puppets. Everyone would like a leader. A Messiah, a Jesus, a Mahdi. A Ghandi, A Churchill, A Hitler, A Kennedy, A Castro etc.

Maybe that is no longer an option. Anyone who is going to challenge the system will be knocked down quickly.

Israel does have Meretz and Gush Shalom, two movements with already a lot of supporters. The people could join them. But the money is with the other parties. The money in a person’s pocket for their families. The supporters of the other parties are likely in the armaments industry, or gambling etc.

The donations are huge, and it is all in concert with hidden overseas faces. There is no doubt we have a herd instinct, all humans, and we can be pushed to stampede.

There is some kind of ethos in jewish or israeli thought that praises an individuals volition, that is free will. It is also coupled with acknowledgment of innate self interest. Anyway the rules of the game are we are tested. But there is precious little free will when it comes to religious laws, to jewish ethnocentrism, and not when it comes to the state’s ambitions.

At which point the secret police enter. And the rest is history.

Written by morris

January 23, 2009 at 1:55 pm

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