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Sealing of East JM home – collective punishment
Yesterday, 19 Jan. ’09, the Israeli army sealed the family home of the perpetrator of the Mercaz HaRav yeshiva terror attack, after the High Court rejected the famil’s petition. Sealing homes is collective punishment of innocents who have not been charged with any offense, and is therefore prohibited under international law.
Suspicion: Soldiers shot and killed man and his son in their home
According to testimonies given to B’Tselem, on 3 January, soldiers called to Atiya a-Samuni to come out of his house, in a-Zeitun, Gaza City. When he approached the door, soldiers opened fire, killing him. The soldiers continued firing, wounding a number of relatives, among them an infant who died from his wounds.
Suspicion: Soldiers shot Palestinian farmer to death without warning
A farmer from the Huza’ah village was killed this morning (18 Jan.) by Israeli gunfire while working his land, some 400 meters from the Israeli border. His brother. A witness told B’Tselem that in spite of the ceasefire, the soldiers opened fire without warning.
Human rights groups report on Gaza from the field
During the fighting in Gaza Israeli human rights groups worked together to inform the Israeli public of the impact on civilians. Upon the declaration of the cease-fire, we have stopped the daily updates. The organizations will continue to use the Blog to provide information on the war and its consequences.
19 Jan.: Casualty update
Gaza: Yesterday 95 bodies were dug up from the ruins. As of today, at least 1,300 killed, of them at least 410 children and 104 women. Over 5,320 injured, of them over 350 severely injured (Palestinian Ministry of Health figures). Israel: 3 civilians and 10 soldiers killed. Over 84 civilians injured, of them 4 severely injured, not including those treated for shock, and 113 soldiers injured, of them one in critical condition and 20 Moderately or severely injured.
Testimony: Children bombed while standing in street, Beit Lahiya
On 7 Jan., Lu’ai Subuh, 10 years old, walked home with some family members and friends to bring essential items to the school in which his family was sheltering. As he waited in the street with his friends, the three were hit by a bombing. One of the children died and Lu’ai lost his eyesight.

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