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How the one Israel Palestine state will be

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In the new Israel Rabbis and Imams can be seen drinking coffees in coffee shops. And debating each other on TV. Palestinians visit synagogues, Jews visit mosques.

There are directors of companies who are Palestinians. Palestinians receive as much money as jews to set up a home.

Neighbourhoods are not segregated. Israelis learn Arabic. There is equal opportunity for all. The Israelis commute often to Beirut and Damascus.

<strong> People will be judged for what they do, not for their ethnicity</strong>

The military and schools are mixed. And like in Lebanon there is an agreement that the Prime Minister and the President are from different faiths.

Israel the two states looks like it will mean more wars. The separation wall will still be there. Israelis are unlikely to allow any Palestinians back to their origins. The resentments will fester.

Written by morris

January 23, 2009 at 2:19 pm

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