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How Israel is pushing Egypt and Turkey away. And who else?

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These are excerpts from todays press. Both Turkey and Egypt are not interested in the Israeli US agreement to stop Hamas rearming. Even the EU is showing a lack of interest.

Why does Israel want to force its policies on everyone else?

This first quote is regarding the EU leaders attending a Jerusalem dinner. Followed b y Egyptian, Turkish and EU reactions:


[Foreign Minister] Babacan: Turkey wouldn’t attend Israeli dinner even if invited

“Would we have gone had we been invited? I don’t think so. Would our president enter that picture in such an environment? I do not presume so. Some time has to pass, and Israel should take concrete steps after that much blood was shed,” Babacan said when reminded of the issue. The foreign minister had accompanied Gul during the meeting in Egypt.

The same issue was raised by reporters when Gul arrived in Ankara late on Sunday.

“I don’t know who said this,” Gul said. “It means that they are not following the incidents closely. Why did the EU countries’ leaders go to Jerusalem? I suppose they are saying these kinds of things without knowing [the reason] why. There is a need to know the facts when making comments on these issues. This is true for all of you.”

“The US and Israel reached an agreement last week. What was that agreement?” Gul asked reporters, referring to an agreement signed on Friday by Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Recalling that the agreement commits the United States to boosting its cooperation with nations in the region to stop the smuggling of weapons into Gaza and preventing Hamas from re-arming, a key demand of Israel, Gul added: “Some EU countries have said they are ready to lend support to the US on this issue. Israel sees this issue as a matter of security. They went there to support this and display their support for Israel; it has nothing to do with us. Relations between Turkey and Israel continue as usual. Turkey is speaking the truth openly in an extremely honest way.” –more–

The above statement contradicts other Turkish officials who are saying Turkish Israeli relations will suffer in the short term.


And from the Jerusalem post we can see Egypt is taking a similar line regarding the stop Hamas rearming agreement between Israel and the US.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said Wednesday that his country would not allow foreign naval forces to operate in its waters to prevent weapons smuggling.

He spoke to reporters as Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni headed to Brussels, where Israeli officials said she hoped to clinch a deal committing the EU to contribute forces, ships and technology to stop arms smuggling to Hamas.

EU officials said it was too early for that, saying efforts to provide humanitarian relief and to secure a lasting cease-fire were their priorities.

On Saturday, Aboul Gheit dismissed a US-Israeli agreement aimed at curbing weapons smuggling into the Gaza Strip and said his country would not be bound by it.

The US and Israel can “do what they wish with regard to the sea or any other country in Africa, but when it comes to Egyptian land, we are not bound by anything except the safety and national security of the Egyptian people and Egypt’s ability to protect its borders,” Aboul Gheit told reporters.


We can assume Israel is pushing an agenda that is getting its neighbors backs up. All related to not recognising Hamas.

The following excerpt is in the context of Turkey needing to make the peace with Greece because of Israel’s actions and the Israeli lobby’s lack of interest in Turkish affairs in the US.

Turkish Opinion in TodaysZaman again:

the Israeli massacre of Palestinian civilians has made it clear to Turks, as it has long been understood by Greeks, that Israel, at least since 1967, wants to drive Palestinians from Gaza and the West Bank

Within Israel the only serious dispute is what the borders of Greater Israel should be. It should be remembered that Israel is the only nation-state that refuses to declare what its borders are. Statements regarding a two-state solution cannot be taken seriously under any conditions that Israel has been willing to discuss. Unless pre-1967 borders are seen as the only realistic basis of a viable Palestinian state, all other issues are meaningless propaganda. One recalls Adolf Hitler’s repeated protestations of peace, as he changed one fact on the ground after another, while requiring impossible-to-accept conditions from his rivals. Secondly, the image that Israel tries to sell to the world is believed by no one. Israel is the only nuclear power in the region. It has the best equipped military. It is supplemented, not just supported, by the US, militarily and economically. Third, Turkey is beginning to realize that almost no matter what it does, it cannot depend on the Jewish or Israeli lobbies to carry Turkish views to Washington. When the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) refused to allow US forces to use Turkey as a base for the invasion of Iraq, both lobbies launched attacks on Turkey as a bad NATO ally and as a tool of Iran. It was made clear to Turkey that if it wishes have the support of these lobbies, it will have to condone every American or Israeli initiative in the region, regardless of what the Turkish people want or what Turkish interests might be. –more–


Gaza op strains financial ties with Turkey

Tensions between Jerusalem, Ankara translate into slump in outgoing tourism industry, strenuous industrial relations
‘War tainted relations’

Israel’s industrial ties with Turkey spanned $3.4 billion in 2008 – a 23% increase from 2007 – with exports to Ankara coming to $1.6 billion and imports to $1.8 billion. ….

Israel’s major export to Turkey is chemicals, followed by metals, machinery and electrical equipment; making Turkey Israel’s eight biggest commercial partner.

Ari Malmud, CEO of Hogla-Kimberly’s Turkish operation told Yedioth Ahronoth that “the company’s customer service department has been getting calls inquiring whether we were a Jewish company or an Israeli firm.”

Another importer of Turkish consumer goods said that “it seems like the Muslim merchants in Turkey are trying to make things difficult and they’re severing ties with their local Jewish contacts.

“Everyone is laying low for a while. I hope that at the end of the day, finances can prevail over politics.” –more–


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