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The oil lamp in the temple did last for eight days.

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Cause they were doing something right! If they were doing something wrong it wouldn’t have lasted eight minutes!

Now it’s all wrong.

If the Gaza experience is the indicator of Israel’s powerbase, then we can expect an attack on Iran or Syria.

No lessons were learned from Lebanon or Georgia. And nothing in Israel changed after them, just a couple of faces.

Faced with a reluctant west, the possible loss of Jordan, Israeli rulers – all the same people from the past, will go it alone again.

Nixon went to China, Sadat came to israel, now its time for Assad, Nasrallah, Masaal and Ahmadinejad. Let the settlers live under them.

The alternative is going it alone. America actually hasn’t been there anyway. Remember Hizbollah took over beirut in 6 hours. Another no backup scenario. That’s the product of the current logic. And it shows no sign of changing.

Livni, Barak and Bibi – speechless

A nation led by plans – what plans!

Written by morris

January 22, 2009 at 1:59 am

Posted in israel

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