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Several important writers declare that Israel is committing ‘suicide’ – Mondoweiss

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I wrote just now that many on the left believe that Israel destroyed the idea of the Jewish state with Gaza. This is the intellectual news of Gaza. As the center tries to hold on to what is left of the two-state solution (and certainly I will support the center if it comes up with some fair solution on those lines), Gaza has revealed a very dark side of Israel to the progressive coalition of which I am a part. Several important writers are saying, directly, or in effect: Israel is committing suicide.

Daniel Levy shocked me when he used that expression in a phone call organized by Brit Tzedek 2 weeks ago. Deeply upset by Gaza, with a tremulous voice, Levy said that the mainstream American Jewish lobby was “driving Israel toward national suicide.” It was an electrifying quote, and I am still seeking the transcript to understand exactly what Levy meant. (I was taking notes by hand). –more–

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January 22, 2009 at 5:47 pm

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