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Is the Jewish culture about money?

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Is money just a means to power. Can’t we have power without money. The money factor is erasing any meritocracy. The money factor is simply favoritism.

Like meets like whether there is money involved or not. Now the policies pursued are financed by speculators. Maybe not the right mix.

Jews also care about sentimentality and the family. Noble causes. There is such a drive for a unified jewish culture it is truly effective. Couldn’t we go the way of Ron Paul? Get some outside help. Or has it got to be NWO stuff, with all the consequent tension and oppression.

Countries and cultures have revolutions. Peaceful ones. Shedding dogmas is often required. How many more bailouts till bust?

And the Palestinian issue won’t go away. First requirement is an acknowledgment that the last eight years have been a fiasco. No doubt the roots of it started before. But we need to denounce the past policies. After that there is great hope.

These are threatening times. The best way forward is to face the threats, patchworking the old ain’t going to work.

Gorbachev was also slick. Whether world jewry keeps its influence or not is not the most important thing.

Written by morris

January 22, 2009 at 1:19 am

Posted in Jews

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