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inertia israel whither too?

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Israelis are crying out they can conduct their own war crimes investigations.

Gaddafi is calling for a one state solution.

They’re the headlines I remember from today’s israeli press before my phone credit vanished.

And the blockade continues. As does the bewilderment of the continuing Gazan tunnels.

Change is beckoning. The leaders are accustomed to guiding their people primarily through the media. And the people trust their rulers, they have till now felt the rulers knew best. They grew up knowing their country was born from the ashes of the holocaust. It is a highly structured disciplined society, everyone has been through the military. Everyone sacrifices for the state.

There’s a minority who look at kadima Labour and Likud with despair. The majority not. Bush has gone and there seems to have been a last push to satisfy the Neocons.

It is all pretty dire. This post is a shaggy dog story, just like the inertia Israel finds itself in. No way through, no goal in sight. Totally governed by a need for security. All decisions are based on security considerations, all necessary because of an unjust philosophy.

A child never forgets its parents. A subject never forgets his or her country. But looking at Israeli policies you could be forgiven for thinking they feel it is fragile.

What about the logistics? 1/ Tunnels, 2/ One or Two states, 3/Hegemony,

Tunnels: Is there an Arab leader or millionaire that wouldn’t support the clandestine funding? Very few.

Two states means the settlers withdraw. They are well integrated in the military and the establishment, and they are gungho. It is a task that could bring the country some nasty divisions. It is hard to imagine the settlers remaining and living under Palestinian and Syrian rule.

One state is going back to the  Rabin Peres doctrine. There will be bombings etc. There were then, that is why it stopped. I think three Mondays in succession bombs went off in busses. Once at least, 25 people died. And then there are the Palestinian demands for their right to return to their original villages.

One thing seems right to me (and many others) remove the settlers, it is a step in the right direction. Compensation will help. The clock is ticking fast. Without some kind of reversal of Israeli policy another bigger war will follow….

And the total international clamour for war crimes investigations won’t go away.

And today like every other day, Palestinians in their own homes and villages will be taken away by israeli soldiers, and thousands will remain in jails. And then there are targetted assassinations …

The injustice continues

Three weeks till an election, there will surely be surprises. And how long will the government last? Because 3 months from now the pariah label will start to sink in. Not in 3 weeks.

Asssimalation is a dirty word to most faiths, certainly minorities. Jews and Israelis would never lose their identity. Maybe it is time to put the notion on the agenda. For jews and israelis to be a part of mankind.

Written by morris

January 22, 2009 at 12:19 pm

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