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Why did Israel stop the worlds 4th largest army?

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A/ It was bad for business. Bad for world jewry’s business too.


B/ There would have been more Israeli casualties. Hamas started using Anti Tank weapons.


C/ Not for the Israeli public who were geared for slaughter.


D/ There was the prospect for world war. Russian warships deployed to Syria in the middle of the conflict.


E/ The prospect of losing Jordan and Egypt through their regime’s hold becoming untenable.


F/  No American support? The Americans were not at the Sharm Summit, and there was the public spat of Olmert calling Bush.


It would be nice to think of Gaza heralding the end of Israel warring. But world jewry with Israel will perpetuate the hate of an outsider. Currently Iran. Just the way it used to be for the communists. If we no longer had to hate an outsider we would be questioning our own lords and masters.


What bogeyman to demonise will Obama be presented with? Bin Laden and Saddam are forgotten. Will a rogue group present us with a 9/11 or a Mumbai, and will they do it real soon? Today? This week? Got to keep the tempo up. It won’t wash.

Written by morris

January 20, 2009 at 11:00 am

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