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We cannot stop the growing wars

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No matter how many do gooders blog, demonstrate and vote it won’t stop the US, Israel and the UK having a big war.

We are absolutely powerless. How many soldiers in the current conflicts do not feel they are on a righteous cause? Many. It makes no difference.

It is also difficult to prepare against WMDs chemical etc.

The collapse of our system is a mystery to all. All our energies are attended on fixing the lending institutions. Yet there existence is probably the problem.

Any hope would be in devising a new system. And no one is up for that. The future is about grabbing resources. And making people behave as some powerful people wish.

Only when damage is done will there be hope of a new inspiring leader. Now he or she will be shot down.
Us little subjects really are pions. Only people grouped together, armed and in a chain of command can do anything. As unpopular as Bush proved to be, he was never challenged.

And when our hidden leaders start the war, no one will be able to stop it. At least not until there has been damage.

Written by morris

January 20, 2009 at 2:02 am

Posted in war

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