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Russia affirms its alliance with Iran. Why else would Novosti equate Iran’s problems with Russia’s? Georgia to Russia’s chagrin had a velvet revolution:


novosti1U.S. ‘funding velvet revolution in Iran’

15:12 19/ 01/ 2009

TEHRAN, January 19 (RIA Novosti) – The U.S. is plotting and funding a “velvet revolution” to overthrow the Iranian authorities, the head of Iran’s counterintelligence office announced on state television on Monday.

“The U.S. is using its special forces in several countries in the region, including the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kuwait and others to put the velvet revolution theory into practice,” the counterintelligence officer said.


Debka conjures up a lost Iranian ship, as if it cannot be tracked by satellite, or indeed if it doesn’t broadcast it’s GPS settings. While humorous to the initiated, it serves the purpose of dumbing down it’s readers and creating animosity.



US-Egyptian Red Sea hunt for Iranian ship carrying 60 tons of arms for Hamas

debka Today at 12:11

US and Egyptian warships were scouring the Gulf of Aden and Red Sea Tuesday, Jan. 20 to waylay an Iranian freighter carrying scores of heavy rockets for delivery to Hamas. DEBKAfile’s exclusive sources report they were acting on intelligence that a ship loaded with an estimated 60 tons of arms to replenish Hamas’ depleted war stocks had set out from the Iranian Persian Gulf port of Bandar Abbas on Jan. 17.

The cargo includes 50 Fajr missiles, scores of Grads, armor-piercing missiles and tons of sundry advanced hardware.


(and I won’t mention cheney’s stage managed wheelchair appearance at Obama’s inauguration reported in other press).


Finally there is Israel’s attitude to the UN:



UN secretary – first international figure to visit Hamas-ruled Gaza
debka Today at 10:34

Israeli’s foreign minister Tzipi Livni refrained from receiving UN secretary Ban Ki-moon in Jerusalem Tuesday, Jan 20, over his decision to visit Gaza. He met the foreign ministry’s director-general Aharon Abramovitch instead.

While amending the purpose of his trip later to calling on UN institutions in the war-damaged Strip, DEBKAfile reports the UN Secretary cannot prevent its Hamas rulers and their radical backers from claiming their regime has won international recognition in the wake of the Israeli offensive.

An Israeli military plane was offered to fly Ban Ki-moon south to the Erez crossing into Gaza.

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