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Penny dropping

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What an irony, I am so critical of Israel and Judaism, always saying: ‘when will the penny drop’, ‘When will they realize the world doesn’t agree’.

And yet the penny has not dropped for me in my situation. I am totally barred from any friendships. Only criminals and gays. All I do is shake their hands. When I meet a soul, they are introduced to quick money, and the rest is history. It is an insight into society. No one is immune. Not the bank manager, the police, nor the market trader, and yes it can go in the family.

The Jews are taking care of me. Few would realize their power. It is a power to micromanage. All joy evaporates.

Other cultures have equivalences. Apostasy, when a Muslim converts they can be killed. Such draconian measures are thought of in more primitive societies. But they exist here in high tech too.

We’ll see where life takes me. But being free of this is valuable. If the Goys feel like their missing something, maybe their wrong.

They create a winning recipe, there is always betrayal, and I must have been filmed in the company of a thousand crimes

The Catholic Church may in certain circumstances respond to apostasy by excommunicating the apostate, while the traditional holy writings of both Judaism (Deuteronomy 13:6-10) and Islam (al-Bukhari, Diyat, bab 6) demand the death penalty for apostates.


Written by morris

January 20, 2009 at 2:28 pm

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